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student management system

Student management system built for Vocational, Professional, Training, Apprenticeship and all adult-focused education organizations. It is easy to install, learn and maintain.

A student information system (SIS), student management system, school administration software or student administration system is a management information system for education establishments to manage student data.

Student management systems provide capabilities for registering students in courses; documenting grading, transcripts, results of student tests and other assessment scores; building student schedules; tracking student attendance and managing many other student-related data needs in an academy.

We provide a commercial grade, secure, scalable & intuitive Student Management Software that just works.

License Module
Use to manage franchise license, control franchisee and their staffs’ access thought franchise contract period, course package, region, etc.

Course Module
Use to content slides, recourses, assignment (MCQ), and course able to tag to difference interest & age groups. The assignment will be using AI to generate a personal question paper for each student based on their weakness.

Class Module
Use to specific course’s time slot, each class will only allow one or break down and may breakdown into multiple sessions.

Trainer Module
Use to control trainer’s access to teaching resources, and provide necessary supports. Also come with a trainer’s rating system to review trainers’ performance.

Student Module
Use to control student’s access. So the student able to access the leaning recourse during or after the class. it also provides royalty program and other marketing programs.

Certificate Module
After student attended the class and pass the assignment, a digital certificate will issue according to course, each certificate will contain a unique QR code for verification purpose. All certificate’s information can be store in Blockchain.

Report Module
Provide reports base on student’s attendance and resource usages.

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