Penetration Test Service

Penetration Test Service

The Penetration Testing (or Pentest) Service is an advanced risk assessment service to help you find exploitable vulnerabilities by simulating cyber attacks against your network system. The team led by Sharker’s security experts will use professional tools to assess the risk level of customer assets from multiple perspectives, including the pentest for web applications, mobile application, internal and external infrastructure, Internet of Things and 5G security vulnerabilities. You will get detailed reports to understand the risks in your own networks, systems, protocols or applications and advice from Sharker security experts to make rectifications

Web Application Security Test

We perform simulated attack from attacker’s perspective to find possible vulnerability of the test objective, Security test report with professional proposals will be generated and delivered accordingly.

Mobile Application Security Testing

There are huge number of applications and diverse operation environment within Android. The application cannot rely on the security mechanism provided by the system with rooting enabled. The risk of decompile also raised due to the development of a wide range of java. Although Apple’s closed system aids in its ability to remain more secure through limited access, it does not assure applications are secure be default.