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Smart Helmet

Smart Helmet – Construction, Workstation

Over the years, increased emphasis is being placed on the construction and building industry’s safety management. With that in mind, Sharker Tech ventures into integrating technology with hardware, putting together the ultimate solution the Smart Helmet. The smart helmet is a smart industrial safety helmet that aims to increase safety and improve workflows in the building industry, as well as remove limitations previously known.

Attendance monitoring
Real-time live, wireless monitoring
One-to-many management
Manage construction progress
One-click convenient management
Work quality control

The smart helmet boasts an impressive list of features and functions, helping to differentiate it from conventional helmets. It is equipped with a high quality front camera and has in-built image stabilisation to allow for handsfree stable image and video capturing.

Leveraging on IOT, spatial positioning, cloud computing, and other technologies, the smart helmet supports various functions like audio and visual communication, early detection and warning, location tracking, remote management, and more, addressing all the different key areas in industry safety and production management.

Motionless Alert

Alarm triggered on both helmet and management end when wearer is stagnant or motionless for a long time in the same spot

Voice Call

Remote calls can be initiated by pressing the voice communication button on the helmet

Fall Alert

Management alerted when fall or crash and impact is detected

Danger Rescue

Panic button is available for requesting immediate response in cases of emergency

Virtual Fencing

Multiple virtual fences can be drawn and configured to track and limit movements 

Helmet Violation Alert

Alert triggered on both helmet and management end if worker enters site without wearing his helmet

Route Replay

Review every worker’s activity record and route at any time to assess progress


Real-time data on GPS location is supported

High Voltage Alert

In-built voltage sensor supports 22V, 10KV, 35KV, 110KV and 220KV triggered alert