Live Streaming App Development

Live Streaming APP Development

We stream your content in an outstanding quality across the globe. We have highly tuned streaming platforms which enable your application to deliver real-time and live interactions effectively. Our live streaming app can be easily Customisable and is user-friendly.

We have built countless live stream applications for different operating systems. Whether it is an on demand delivery app of live stream or radio streaming app, we are the one-stop solution for your live streaming app development.

If you have an idea of live streaming mobile application, then we have a team to convert your idea into a reality.

Stable Real-time

allowing users to open applications to watch live broadcasts anytime, anywhere.

Optimisation technology

Through audio and video media transmission, processing engine, intelligent optimisation of transmission channel routing

High concurrency architecture

Provides high-concurrency solution that can be viewed simultaneously with loads of more than 10 million users, depending on your live broadcast level