Door Access Control Solution

Temperature door control

Face Recognition & Temperature door control system

Intelligent Face Recognition, distinguish face open in 0.6 seconds.
Open the door at the same time of face recognition
The Company’s front desk no longer needs staff
Offline support for 10,000 faces
Temperature accuracy

Product Parameters

Processor Quad-core 64-bit ARM processor Fill light Inductive LED visible light compensation
Screen 5-inch touch screen Network 10/100 , adaptive, WIFI802.11b/b/n
Interface RJ45, RS485, The Power Input, USB Camera 2 million hd pixels 1/2.7 inch CMOS
Comparison mode 1:N alignment Size 150*150*17.8 (mm)
Temperature ±0.5 °C, OS Android 6.0


Staff management
Visitor management
Black List
Temperature door control